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​Take the time to explore the region's main natural wonders! Have you seen Námaskarð or Goðafoss waterfall?

Bring your flash light for a walk in Dimmuborgir, the Dark cities! There's a lot to see!

Schedule 2023

Fun for the locals

Friday, March 3

10:00-13:00 The ski area in Krafla is open.

16:30 Group ride around lake Mývatn.  Everyone welcome, no entry fee. The group ride leaves from Sel-Hótel.

18:00-20:00 Friday fun at the Mývatn Nature Baths, music and happy hour!

20:30 Efling shows the play Gauragangur in Breiðumýri. Reservations and more information at 618-0847 or at


Saturday, March 4
The ski area iKrafla is open.

10:00 - 16:00 Mývatn Open - Horses on Ice.

Location: Stakhólstjörn
Class B, 2nd and 1st, preliminary and finals.
Class A, preliminary and finals.
Stats, 2nd and 1st Class, Preliminary and Finals
100 m clip.

13:00-15:00 Flea market at Skjólbrekka!

14:00-17:00 Cake buffet at Sel-Hotel Mývatn

20:30 Efling performes he play Gauragangur in Breiðumýri. Reservations and more information at 618-0847 or at

19:45 Eurovision Party at Berjaya Mývatn Hotel. Food and drink on offer from 18:00.

Sunday, March 5

11:00-14:00 CANSELLED Learn to ice fish at lake Vestmannsvatn. Park by Vestmannsvatn guesthouse. Waffles and coco for sale at the guesthouse!

14:00-16:00  CANSELLED Forest-fun in Vaglaskógur forest! More information later.

16:00 Efling performs the play Gauragangur in Breiðumýri. Reservations and more information at 618-0847 or at

Monday, March 6

16:30-18:30 The ski area in Krafla is open

17:00-18:30 Visit the sled dogs at Snow Dogs in Vallholt

18:00-20:00 Pizza buffet at Dalakofinn restaurant.

18:30-21:00 Pool party at Laugar swimming pool, music and fun!

Tuesday, March 7

17:00 A walk among the trolls in Dimmuborgir - a guided tour around Dimmuborgir with a ranger. 

18:00 Taco night at Sel-Hótel Mývatn. For reservation call 464-4164 or email

20:00  félagsvist at Ýdalir with Didda and Ólína (also 14/3 and 21/3) 500kr for participation 

Wednesday, March 8

18:00-20:00 Family climbing time at ÍMS. Bring comfortable shoes and try climbing on the impressive climbing wall of the Sports Center in Reykjahlíð.

17-18:30 Let's dance together in the dining room of the high school in Laugar! The students teach new and old dances - something for everyone!

20:00 Board game night at Kiðagil for all the board game lovers out there! New and old board games, this will be fun!

Thursday, march 9

16:30-18:30 The ski area in Krafla is open

16:30-18:00 Cross-country ski course for locals! Starts at Sel-Hótel. Register at

20:00 Pub quiz at the Mývatn Nature Baths.

Friday, March 10

 11:00 am-15:00 Icelandic Championship of the Icelandic Dog Sled Club by Mývatn - at Sigurgeir's Bird Museum in Neslånd 

18:00-20:00 Friday fun in the Nature baths, music and happy hour

21:30 Trúbador Einar Höllu in Vogafjós - free entry and cold on tap!

Saturday, March 11

10:00 - 16:00 - Icelandic Snowcross Championship at Krafla. Competition starts at 12:00

10:00-15:00 Icelandic Championship of the Icelandic Dog sled Club  at Sigurgeir's Bird Museum in Neslönd by Mývatn

13:00 - 16:00 CANSELLED Learn to ice fish with the fishing association of Mývatn. Walk out onto the ice to Berjaya Mývatn Hotel

19:00 Tónaflóð - Song Keppni of the secondary school in Laugar.

Sunday, March 12

11:00 Cross country skiing by Sel Hotel on Stakholstjorn. Enjoy skiing in a wonderful environment!.

13:00-15:00 Family fun at Reykjahlíðarskóli at the invitation of the parents' association. Games and activities  outside and inside  in the good weather!

20:30  Efling performs the play Gauragangur in Breidmýri. Ticket orders and more information by phone at 618-0847 or at

-Open Cross country ski tracks by Sel-Hótel Mývatn during the Winter Festival!

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