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winter festival

The Mývatn Winter Festival is a one of a kind event in Iceland, where people (and animals) compete in multiple traditional and non-traditional winter sports, mostly on frozen Lake Mývatn! Those competitions include Mývatn Open - Horses on Ice and the national competition of Dog Sledding. Snocross is also a popular winter sport in Iceland but hasn't been very visible for the past years, that has now changed! The  1st-10th of March 2024 will be full of events and activities for the whole family. Learn how to fish through Ice, go Cross Country Skiing, visit the Snow Dogs and enjoy good food and good music while surrounded by Icelands most beautiful natural wonders! 

See you at Mývatn Winter Festival in 2024.


​To find more information on the events, where, when and what check the link below


Full schedule HERE

Mývatn Open - Horses on Ice

The Icelandic horse, snow and ice are fascinating phenomenons that you meet at Lake Mývatn. The Icelandic horse is known for its special gaits Tölt and flying pace – both gaits come into their own in the beautiful pseudo-craters of Skútustaður.


There are not many places in the world where you can take part in horse racing on ice. There will be tournament in "tölt" both for professional riders and amateurs.

the icelandic sled dog championship

Have you ever watched a dog sledding competition? Or tried dog sledding? NOW is the chance!!         

Registration for the competition is available on the website of the Icelandic Sled Dog Club. 


Did you miss the Snocross race in krafla in 2023? Don't worry,you can see it this year! The tournament hosts are promising the craziest race yet!

Ice fishing

The Mývatn Fishing Association is the oldest fishing association in Iceland, established in 1905. The role of the association is to protect the fish in Lake Mývatn, the stock  and to make sure it is sustainable. 

Ice fishing (dorga) is an amazing experience! Let the locals teach you the right tricks! You don't have to bring anything except the good mood and super warm clothes!

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